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Mecha Sludge Cleaner EX-1

mecha sludge_cleaner_ex-1

  • Neutral sludge remover for wire EDM
  • Bubbles remove sludge and rust


  •  Sludge removal for wire-EDM and parts
       - Clean without removing Wire Guide
       - Clean dielectric plates, water nozzles, set tables, work tank walls and jigs.
       - Due to pH neutral, so it doesn't damage resin and rubber inside machine.
       - Clean work piece initial holes. (prevent wire breakage)
  • Rust removal for work pieces. 
  • For machine maintenance. 
  • For car and motorcycle maintenance, etc. 
Rust Remover KC-12

Rust Remover (KC-12)

  • Nippon Mecha-Chemical Rust Remover KC-12

Non-irritating, odor-free, and perfectly safe rust removal agent for wire electric discharge products

Distinctive "sparkle" and rich golden color makes it instantly identifiable.


  • Strong rust removing power
  • Not harmful
  • No toxic gases and odorless
  • Non-combustible forumla
  • Safe for employees and the enviroment
  • Removes rust quickly (1 - 10 minutes)
  • Possible to dilute with water (about 2 - 10 times)
Ion Exchange Resin

Ion Exchange Resin

  • High Quality Mixed Resin

This resin is an extremely high quality, pure mixer-bed resin, specially forumulated for the deionisation of water in wire EDM machines. This resin offers many traditional hours of service life over ordinary products, and reduces downtime required for frequent resin changes.

Distinctive "sparkle" and rich golden color makes it instantly identifiable.


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