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Mecha Sludge Cleaner EX-1

mecha sludge_cleaner_ex-1

  • Neutral sludge remover for wire EDM
  • Bubbles remove sludge and rust


  •  Sludge removal for wire-EDM and parts
       - Clean without removing Wire Guide
       - Clean dielectric plates, water nozzles, set tables, work tank walls and jigs.
       - Due to pH neutral, so it doesn't damage resin and rubber inside machine.
       - Clean work piece initial holes. (prevent wire breakage)
  • Rust removal for work pieces. 
  • For machine maintenance. 
  • For car and motorcycle maintenance, etc. 



  • Appearance : Colourless and clear liquid
  • Specific Gravity (15°C) : 1.03
  • Viscosity (15°C) : 1.9 mPa·s
  • pH : 7.0


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