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OKI Brass Wire OB-PZN

OKI Brass Wire (OB-PZN)

  • Wire with no paraffin coat

The PN Type is a special electrode wire most suitable fore wire electric discharge machines, which has been developed using high-speed machining and automatic threading technologies.

It yields a fine finish in machining large or precision work materials while exhibiting superior automatic theadability. The high zinc concentration in brass has assured high-speed machining.


  • This product has been certified and recommended by FANUC LTD.
  • Zinc concentration in brass has been raised (compared to conventional types), achieving a stable high-speed machining.
  • Holds excellent straightness and tensile strength at room temperature, maintaining high automatic threadability and the fine finishes of machined surface.
  • Requires cardboard boxes only for packaging with no styrenefoam, which contributes to enviromental conservation and reduces costs for industrial waste disposal.

Wire Diameter and Characteristics

Diameter CodeType CodeStandard diameter (mm)Diameter tolerance (mm)Tensile stength (MPa)Breaking load (N)Conductivity (%)
10 PZN 0.10 0.001 980min 7.7min 20 or more
15 0.15 17.4min
20 0.20 30.8min
25 0.25 48.2min
30 0.30 69.3min

These characteristic values are guaranteed under the ordinary temperature.

Make Up for PZN type

Diameter CodeP-3R 3.0kgTP-5R 5.0kgP-10T 10.0kgP-15 20.0kgK-100 6.0kgK-200 15.0kg
10 O
15 O
20 O O O O O
25 O O O O O
30 O O O O O

The TP-5R and T-10T spools are transparent.


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