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OKI Zinc Coated Wire OS-Z

OKI Zinc Coated Wire OS-Z

  • Coated wire series

The Z Type is a zinc-coated brass wire. Its high tensile strength allows smoother surface and more precise cuts than bare brass wire. The Z type wire guarantees high reliabilty and productivity in automatic operation.


  • Enhanced cutting speed by putting Zinc coating around Cuzn brass wire.
  • The field-proven technology of OKI brass wire guarantees excellent staightness and high tensile strength which are key factors for the superior surfaces and automatic threading.
  • Requires cardboard boxes only for packaging with no styrenefoam, which contributes to enviromental conservation and reduces costs for industrial waste disposal.

Wire Diameter and Characteristics

Diameter CodeType CodeStandard diameter (mm)Diameter tolerance (mm)Tensile stength (MPa)Breaking load (N)Conductivity (%)
0.1 Z 0.10 0.001 883min 7.0min 20min
0.15 0.15 15.6min
0.20 0.20 27.7min
0.25 0.25 43.3min
0.30 0.30 62.4min

These characteristic values are guaranteed under the ordinary temperature.

Make Up for PN type

Diameter CodeP-3R 3.0kgP-5R 5.0kgP-10 10.0kgP-15 20.0kgK-100 6.0kgK-200 15.0kg
0.10 O
0.15 O
0.20 O O O O O
0.25 O O O O O
0.30 O O O O O

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